How do we make interesting information more compelling?

We were asking this question on behalf of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF), the only organization in the world that celebrates the accomplishments of Canadian medical professionals.

The existing CMHF website was not helping the organization fulfil its mission to “recognize and celebrate Canadian heroes whose work has advanced health, thereby inspiring the pursuit of careers in the health sciences.” Their website was drawing visitors, but those visitors weren’t staying for long.

The CMHF presents programs to encourage young people to pursue medical careers. Their Discovery Days are full-day workshops, hosted by medical schools and research institutions across Canada, that give secondary school students an opportunity to explore careers in medicine and the health sciences. They provide scholarships to grade 12 and CEGEP students who aspire to study medicine or health sciences, and current medical students. In their home community of London, Ontario, they’re part of Museum School.

But the principle role of the CMHF is storing and showcasing the stories and photos of Canada’s medical heroes—the women and men who have advanced medicine and improved health. These are exciting tales of people who have made a difference not just for Canadians, but for people around the world.

So how do we get these stories to generate the same kind of reverence and awe that their sports equivalents do?

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