Step Three: Construct a Hypothesis

Our hypothesis was a very simple one: that the laureate biographies were not accessible enough—they were buried under other valuable information. Also, for anyone going directly to a bio—via a search engine, for example—there was no easy way to get to another bio.

Also, showcasing laureates whose work was particularly timely—for example, featuring the bios of heart and stroke researchers during February, when their work and causes receive extra national or international awareness—was important, and CMHF staff needed an easy way to change featured laureates. 

So we needed to make it easy for visitors to find the content that they wanted, and make sure that the navigation was intuitive. We wanted to evoke feelings of celebration, pride, and inspiration, so much so that visitors are compelled to explore the site deeper than originally intended and share their discoveries with their friends. Our challenge was not to bring visitors to the site, but to keep them there, and bring them back for more. 

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