Episode 01 - Pilot

Welcome to the “Small City Big Dreams” podcast! We came up with the idea for this podcast several months ago when we were looking for content for a few upcoming Webinars. 

One of the challenges that exists in the marketing industry is that there are lots of case studies for organizations with large marketing budgets and/or a full marketing staff. While the results are impressive and the stories compelling, the strategies and tactics are not practical for small- to medium-sized organizations operating in small-market cities.

Most business owners start with big dreams, and many of those businesses are located in small cities across North America. In the USA alone, there are at least 30 million people living in cities with fewer than 300,000 people, compared to 26 million living in the top 10 largest American cities (which tend to receive the majority of the attention). 

North of the border, our population and culture look different, but that reality of focus and attention is similar. Many of the Canadian narratives also focus around Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary as the major marketing success stories, yet Canada’s smaller cities (and the people within them) drive a significant portion of the country’s commerce.

This podcast is dedicated to the small and medium businesses with big dreams. We’ll talk to business owners and community leaders about the marketing tactics they’ve used to successfully grow their organizations.

The first podcast is a “pilot” episode and we’re looking for feedback, so let me know what you think at david.billson@ellipsis.digital. If you think you’d make a great guest, or know someone who you think would be a great addition to the show, please hit me up at the same address.

Thanks for listening!

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