Past work

Creating the feeling of being there. Showcasing new spaces and new shows in equal measure. Selling more tickets. Removing unnecessary work for our clients and their audiences alike. We've done it all, and we can do it for you. The proof is in our work.


Toronto Centre for the Arts

A change in mandate. Two new theatres (for a total of four). Two audiences. Each is carefully considered in a design that showcases the unique personality of each theatre rental space and allows the Centre to promote its clients' work like never before. 

The Grand Theatre (City of Kingston)

From a clunky ticketing process that strained an already busy team to a 20% increase in online sales with half the administrative load. The theatre-oriented design gives the audience a sense of being there, and the visibility of performances allows for easy ticket purchase and cross-promotion.


A seasonal website approach allows Sunfest to offer a helpful guide and musician showcase for summer festival goers and drive awareness and ticket sales for the year-round concert series that helps to fund the free world music festival in the summer. 

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