A bit about us

Ellipsis Digital is an award-winning digital agency that helps social purpose organizations to create the link between the audience and the story.  

With the help of technology, we connect our clients with their communities (and transform those connections into sales, donations, memorable experiences and lasting relationships). The technology, tools and tactics may change over time, but our commitment to authentic storytelling is unwavering.

What’s a social purpose organization? Whether it’s a nonprofit or a corporation, a social purpose organization has a mission, vision and set of values built around positive influence and change in a community. It’s an organization that believes that change should be measured… and it is. It’s an organization that aims to leave the world better with it than without it.

For that reason, we work with a lot of arts and cultural institutions, mental health leaders and community builders, environmental leaders and fellow B Corps, but we’ve seen purposeful leadership across all sorts of industries and support it wherever we can.