We created a website that was easy to use, no matter which audience you were. We made it accessible, and mobile friendly, with clear and simple navigation to get all of the TCA’s audiences where they wanted to be online, in a digital environment that reflects the physical presence of the TCA. And we showcased the Centre and its offerings—using a clear calendar and compelling presentation of upcoming events—to lead visitors to their next step offline, whether that was buying a ticket or booking a theatre space.

The site has just been launched, so we can’t yet share the results. But we were delighted to work with the TCA on this challenging and inspiring project, and we thank them for this opportunity to tread these particular digital boards. We believe we’ve created an engaging and effective platform for this important cultural centre, one that works for all of their audiences. We look forward to sharing the results of the revamped site.

Creating connections. Exciting and delighting visitors. And presenting the community cultural asset that is the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Let the shows begin!

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