Brought to you by the letter “E”

Ultimately, our larger team still shares a core set of values and will be working in one big office, so we were always planning for our shared culture to shine through in our respective brands. In a blinding flash of the obvious, we noticed that both new brand names started with the same letter! Our designers played with the shared initial and created consistent styling to build an integrated look for our brand presentation.

After months of hard work—and a couple of weeks of even harder work—our team unveiled our two new brands with a couple of websites, a social (and traditional) media strategy, a bit of swag (and perhaps a tiny bit of swagger) and an overwhelming sense of pride. The Ellipsis Digital team hit the ground running with a great message about continuing to deliver solid digital marketing support to community-loving businesses and organizations, particularly in the ACME space. The Engine SevenFour team came to launch equipped to keep up their industry-leading work, and build a deeper connection to the development community.

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