Fortunately, Serge Lavoie's (President of On Track St. Thomas) path crossed with Shawn Adamsson, Ellipsis Digital’s VP Strategy and self-confessed railway geek, at an event at the Elgin Country Railway Museum in St. Thomas. Shawn, one of the creative forces behind Ellipsis’ recent move into the London Roundhouse, had caught “train fever” while he was involved with the Roundhouse renovation, and like Lavoie, had become particularly passionate about Canada’s railway history. So when Shawn learned about the elevated park project, he was excited to be able to help to get the word out, with the help of the Ellipsis team.

The first step for the St.Thomas Elevated Park (STEP) was branding. The project spans the decades, from the 1930s to today; the branding for the park, and the attendant marketing collateral, needed to reflect that span—a “retro futuristic” look—as well as a pastoral feel to echo the park itself. So art director Andy Ratz created a logo strongly influenced by Art Deco, a design style popular in the year the current Michigan Central Bridge was built, and extended that Art Deco look to create a clean, strong, modern design for the website.

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