Ellipsis Digital is a digital agency that works with arts and cultural institutions, mental health leaders and community energizers. Our mission: to create the link between the audience and the story. With the help of technology, we connect our clients with their communities (and transform those connections into sales, donations, memorable experiences and lasting relationships). The technology, tools and tactics may change over time, but our commitment to authentic storytelling is unwavering.


July 4, 2001. That’s when a small tech team of two software developers and one IT administrator became rTraction Canada, Inc. The organization has evolved, and we are now a proud, Certified B Corporation—which means that we are in the business of doing good work and doing work for good, and that we meticulously measure what matters for our triple bottom line. We are home to two divisions: Ellipsis Digital and Engine SevenFour. Our teams work side by side to deliver on a shared purpose in an office space that has won numerous awards for its design and adaptive reuse.


Work with great people and do cool shit.


Technology enhances the experience of community.


We help people discover their story to deliver their purpose.

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