“The fresh, new look and easy-to-navigate website invigorated the competition,” says Nancy Kopriva, the London Small Business Centre’s Director, Communications and Engagement. “This resulted in an increased participation rate of more than 30% over the previous year.”

One of the consistent site design features is a main navigation that follows the visitor down the page, making the navigation accessible from anywhere on the site. (This navigation is one of the items that changes with each phase.) Recognizing that new business uses new technology, one particularly important aspect of the site revamp was our push to making it responsive, and optimizing its content for mobile devices.

Our ongoing services for the site include updating the photos and content provided by VL staff. While we often design sites so that clients can take care of this work like this, VL wanted our design team’s help making the photography of their contestants shine, with some extra cropping and colour-correcting. We’re also providing guidance on new copy so that it works with the imagery and action on the page.

Aside from providing this second set of eyes for the site’s look (graphics) and tone (copy), we’re also there to provide and guide strategy, and assist with social media training—we’re excited about presenting a workshop for their team early in the new year.



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