With our name selected, we tackled our new look, commencing with a logo. Knowing that we wanted to continue our work with what we’re calling ACME—Arts, Culture, Media, Entertainment—our talented designers explored the logo landscape. We wanted something clean and memorable that would look at home amongst the other logos in our target market. We wanted to convey our place in the world—we’ve evolved into a full-service agency, but our history is in the digital realm. And while it’s trendy to be, well, trendy, we didn’t want that. Lots of drawing and thinking, reviewing and revising followed. Until we arrived here:


Our tagline, "Everything in between," expresses our ability to fill in the gaps, to connect, to take our clients from here to there. It’s echoed in how we talk about ourselves, and it hints that we are a flexible and trustworthy extension of our clients’ teams.

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