Doing the background research is an integral part of our process. We call it “discovery.”

During our discovery with CMHF, we learned about their goals for the organization, and translated them into goals for the new website, starting with these two:



Engage the general public in a way that allows them to learn about and celebrate the work done by our medical heroes, inspires them to follow in their footsteps, and instills a sense of national pride about what they have accomplished.


Share Laureate stories in a way that is timely
(based on their research focus) and inviting
(encouraging visitors to explore the site further).


We also investigated the technical and functional considerations that would influence the new site’s design and development. We recognized that internal (CMHF staff and board members) and external users would have unique expectations and needs for the site. For internal users, a robust content management system (CMS) was necessary so that staff members could easily update homepage content. CMHF board members across the country needed a way to expedite content sharing and collaboration.

For external users, access to easy-to-use forms for the various education programs, and laureate nominations and induction ceremonies, was important, but above all, they needed clear access to the engaging laureate bios and information that is the CMHF’s raison d'être.

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