The website has a modern, uncluttered design, allowing for easy navigation between the key content elements. The colour palette is muted and monochromatic, in keeping with the many historical photos that are largely black and white, or the pale, faded colours of hand-tinted lithographs popular at that time. It creates an online place for community engagement, and suggests the feel of the finished physical space. The combination of the two—the online space that reflects the former railway–creates an exciting juxtaposition: both the railways and the Internet are the cutting-edge technologies of their time, technologies that connect people and commerce, diminishing distances and closing the gaps between them. The site was built with Squarespace, which provided the functionality and pieces that On Track needed.

The On Track Team is thrilled by the website and the new logo, which Lavoie describes as having a “strong industrial edge, with echoes of the deco style of the 1930s.” And he praises the generosity of Ellipsis, who built the site at no cost to On Track. “The St. Thomas Elevated Park project will require strong community support and Ellipsis Digital showed leadership at the outset with this generous donation of their creative services,” states Lavoie.

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