But what not all of the Centre’s audience members realize is that the TCA has two separate groups of customers: those who are purchasing an experience, and those who are renting a venue in which to create that experience.

And that was an important distinction for creating the Centre’s new site: that we were building an online venue for these two distinct, and equally important audiences. If we did a good job, we’d encourage a valuable chain reaction - helping the TCA sell more tickets would benefit their rental audience, which would increase the rentals, which would mean more shows for the TCA’s performance audience. “Et cetera, et cetera and so forth,” as the King of Siam would say.

By building a bridge between the two spaces, making a connection between the two worlds. And that’s where we perform. The TCA wanted a site to reflect their priorities for their two audiences. We created a digital transformation to complement their physical one.

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