The Centre has always been a versatile venue, with spaces not just for performances, but also for art shows, receptions and corporate presentations, among other uses. The revamped TCA has four theatres—the George Weston Recital Hall, which is widely recognized as one of the top concert venues in the world; the versatile "black box" design of the Studio Theatre; the inspiring new Greenwin Theatre, with its cutting-edge tension grid system; and the TCA’s literally multifaceted new jewel, the Lyric Theatre—plus the lobby, an upper and lower gallery and a VIP suite.

So how best to showcase these unique spaces? By designing the site to match the theatres, which are all individually branded by layout, fabrics, colours and tones. In essence, we created an online mate to the real-world theatre, allowing potential patrons to experience each space digitally before they visited in person.

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