It's remarkable what can happen when businesses and community services band together, and the Living Wage London campaign is a great example of a partnership for the greater good of the community. The idea was big: get as many businesses as possible on board with a commitment to providing a living wage for Londoners. That was just the beginning...  

A group of Londoners decided to define the living wage for London, and to encourage local businesses to become Living Wage Employers. They needed a brand and website to represent the cause and help spread the word.

Hope, dignity, rising up and a bright future drove the inspiration for the branding. Incorporating these feelings and bringing in the colour of the national Living Wage brand we created a logo and badge an employer would be proud to display on their site. Along with the brand, a site featuring all the information potential Living Wage employers would need to get started was made.

At the end of the project, Living Wage London was able to launch their initiative with a strong brand that would help convey their message. With their site ready to inform business owners of the benefits of being a Living Wage employer they have begun spreading the word through through social and traditional media outlets.




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