When a group of film buffs joined forces to shine a spotlight on remarkable filmmaking talent in London and beyond, they needed to create an identity that would help them make a splash and draw the community to this spectacular weekend of events. 

Forest City Film Festival wanted a logo that spoke to an urban landscape (in particular: London), film and—of course—the stars. After being referred to us by friends at The Palace Theatre, they approached us with the challenge.

It wasn't far into the creative process when we discovered the uncanny ability for a bunch of filmstrips to resemble a city scape when design just the right way. With that inspiration leading the charge, we then worked to integrate symbols of the "forest city" (a stylized leaf) into the skyline and topped it all off with a few stars/camera flashes to evoke the sense of celebrity surrounding the event.

The look we created supported the festival's stellar launch, and set the tone for what turned out to be an impressive event that is already growing into year two.


Identity design, Logo and branding