How it's made

After being approached in early February by the Forest City Film Festival (FCFF) to redesign their new logo/mark we were excited to get to work...

Five Takeaways from RGD DesignThinkers 2015

If it got cosmic at last year’s DesignThinker’s conference, this year’s was all about staying grounded. Yes, there was lots to be inspired by, but what The Association of  Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) delivered this year was a lineup of speakers who were as willing to pull back the curtain and talk about how they worked as much as the work itself. Here’s the takeaways that got the biggest underlines in my notebook.

Mobile Applications for Mental Health


It’s a single, simple word. But it may be the one that someone can’t get out in the middle of a serious mental health crisis.

That important insight was the seed for BeSafe, an app co-created by mindyourmind and Ellipsis Digital.

The Art & Science of Creativity

The first Art & Science of Creativity was a two-hour incubator hosted by Rick Miller at the beautiful Grand Theatre, and sponsored by Ellipsis Digital. The invitation-only event was created as a new patron experience for The Grand, one intended to spark some energy and build community around the idea of creativity...

Feelin' It

If you haven’t heard or noticed, Google updated its logo recently, trading a fair share of their signature “personality” for a refined treatment that looks toward a “simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly” future.

Ten Tips to Get Your Blog Post Read

Pretty much everything in the entire world has been written about. Which is a discouraging thought. So how do you catch and keep a reader for your blog post(s)? Ellipsis Digital’s creative director, James Kingsley, and our copywriter, Laurie Bursch, have some suggestions…

Form Follows Function

The idea that aesthetics should be driven by practicality has laid a solid foundation for soaring towers and simple gardens, but there’s no reason the same principle can’t be applied—with equally impressive results—to your website today.

In with the New

With the opportunity to hear from the likes of the National Ballet of Canada, Shaw Festival, Hot Docs, Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall, Canadian Stage, and the National Arts Centre, I was no less excited for this year’s Arts Reach conference than I was for my first visit last year.

50% Less Work, 20% More Sales

When Kingston’s beautiful and historic Grand Theatre, the city’s premier performing arts facility, sent out a request for proposal (RFP) in 2011 for a new website, they knew they wanted to give visitors an online sense of the theatre and the live performance experience

Don't Read the Comments...

Much ink has been spilled in the past few weeks over a number of high-profile rebrands; the critical response to Paula Scher's work on "The New School" culminated with her dry reading of select "mean tweets" just days before Hillary Clinton's "H-and-Arrow" found itself the focus of the Twittersphere’s most critical...

First Impressions are Crucial

I love words. I especially love how they come together to make sentences, and sense, when I’m doing a good job. I’ve been a writer since I was about four; my first illustrated story, The Sun is Shining, The Flowers are Happy, made the bestseller list on my family fridge.

The Big Logo

“The client asked if we could make the company logo any bigger.”

I saw a look pass between the two graphic designers. It was subtle. It was knowing. It made me curious. This writer had to investigate further.

I sidled over to them. “Hey, guys,” I hesitantly began, “Why the look? What’s the deal?

This Won't Hurt a Bit

We’ve all worked on projects that went amazingly well — timelines were met, results were brilliant, everyone was happy at the end. And then there was the time that… no, we still can’t talk about that one.

Knowing that we all prefer the first kind of projects, here are some ways to make sure that that’s what you get from your digital media agency.