July 4, 2001. That’s when a small tech team of two software developers and one IT administrator became rTraction Canada, Inc. Over time, our passion for community engagement and maker culture helped us evolve into the award-winning bunch of strategists and creators that we are today.

In 2007, we brought on our first creative director. As social media and the ubiquity of the smartphone came into play, we quickly expanded into mobile technology, social media and digital marketing, with the traditional content marketing chops to back those services up.

At the forefront of social media and mobile applications, we saw community engagement leaders and arts and cultural institutions looking for ways to connect more broadly and effectively than ever before, and so began our more explicit focus on social purpose organizations (particularly those in arts and culture, community-building, environmental leadership and mental health). In 2015, we doubled down on the evolution of our organization and created the Ellipsis Digital brand, which is built around leading digital marketing services that drive positive results for the social purpose organization. We reaffirmed that commitment in 2016 when our parent organization, rTraction Canada, Inc., became a Certified B Corporation.